Challenges accompanied by migration




According to these questions we made a discussion with the participants. Here is a short summary of the discussion.

Considering types of migrations the participants agreed that both legal and illegal migration exists. Both types are a really current topic in the EU and bring divorces.

The discussion showed that people have various behaviours towards migrants, but the behaviour is really similar in many countries. There are some migrants in each country, but especially seaside countries (Italy, Greece, Cyprus, etc.), where many people from Africa are looking for a new home. On the other hand in the interior countries migrants from Asian countries are coming.

The accession to those people is similar in countries and sometimes it derives from xenophobia. Current problem is economical crisis, because it is really difficult to find jobs for these people. The opinion of participants is that people would be tolerant to migrants if there were "enough places" for everybody. That is the reason why migrants face resistance.

On the other side, migration also brings many positives things. We mentioned culture exchange, such as new places and lifestyles. Migration among EU countries is very positive e.g. on the job market. If any specialists are missing, some people from other country can help.

Lastly, I would say migration is a global topic and it depends only on people's adaptation. I am really glad I could discuss this topic.

Workshop led by Czech organization