Equal opportunities

This workshop was a great opportunity to debate how discrimination takes place in every one of us, and how unwittingly we create stereotypes.

The first step was to identify what "equal" meant for all the participants, and each of them gave an example.

Secondly we wanted to find out why people are discriminated against and together we found some answers: age; ethnic group; class; disability; gender; religion; appearance and sexual orientation. It was a great moment to start a debate on this topic with Salvatore, the representative from Italy. Knowing that Italy has serious problems with immigrants, we asked Salvatore to express his opinion about discrimination and stereotypes. After Salvatore presented the problems from Italy, Greece and Cyprus also expressed their opinions on this topic.

In the end we all arrived at the same conclusion: wherever there is a minority, there will be discrimination. We also tried to find an answer to this problem, but from our point of view it is impossible. Every country has different types of discrimination, and different causes that produce discrimination, so it's hard to find a general solution to this problem. Another common idea, even though we don't like to recognize it, is that all of us have stereotypes, and there is nothing to do against it because often we do it involuntarily.

The main conclusion was that even though we are all different, we are all equal also.

Workshop led by Romanian organization