European identity

What is identity? (word pad)

All agreed with Marschall.

Cyprus » must act for the good of the group because it is good for us.

Italy » do you feel European? yes/no/I don't know? Many say yes but. Who feels more European than his nationality?? NONE

Denmark » what do we mean by civilized? We don't have solidarity(e.g. with islams)

Greece » we must harmonize. Identity is a delicate situation I want the best for me and the best for the group too.

Solidarity We are not mentally prepared for that, (e.g. with Cyprus)

Cyprus » if we don't have a chance to co-operate with Europeans how can I answer if I feel European? Sense of belonging (felt solidarity with participation in seminars)

Estonian » we need to remember. We are not only Europeans but we are part of a country too.

Perfect European

Need to keep our characteristic but we must work as a group too. We need each other. (e.g. south need north and west need east for their economies)


Italian mentioned that a party in their government want to divide Italy

South divided from north. We are talking about union with no borders and countries are dividing. (reasons for divide.1) money 2)religion

Globalization vs. localization global » environmental issues local » first I need to change my area and then change the others

Borders e.g. Czechoslovakia

Now are different countries but they are part of European Union without borders in Europe we had many wars and change our borders many times. Now without borders its better.(e.g. people put the borders and live near them and people take them away. It's easiest for those who lived near them to understand it)

How do we build our identity? In which ways? Is it a personal issue?

We built it slowly with experiments, with experiences. We need balance. The happy medium. But it's difficult. We have different constructions.

It's a personal too because we are the members and we have to believe first. We must do it as a way of life. We can succeed with a regulation and common policy. For example environmental problems. (e.g. with half boat)

Workshop led by Greek organization