Job facilities in other countries

As a citizen from a Member State of the European Union, everyone has the right to apply for any job vacancy advertised in the EU countries, and to live in that country for a 'reasonable period' of time (this period is usually six months) in order to look for a job. It is quite a simple thing to do in the era of globalisation, since the relaxation of border controls in the EU. Now there are more opportunities for people to find a job abroad.

What makes this possibility attractive is that while working abroad people have new experiences, they practice a foreign language, learn the national traditions and make international relationships. In recent years, many people move to other countries in the hope of better living conditions as well.

Actually, it appears as if working abroad has both advantages and disadvantages.



It is advisable to work out how a worker will be able to keep in contact with those who stay at home. In spite of the fact that working abroad has some disadvantages, the numerous advantages can easily surpass them if everybody decides on mature consideration.

Workshop led by Hungarian organization