The marketing activity of Magyar Turizmus Zrt.
(Hungarian Tourism Ltd., MT)
in the field of cultural tourism

The role of MT as the national tourist marketing organisation, is increasing the reputation and popularity of Hungary as a tourist destination, and marketing domestic tourism.

MT - following the concept of theme years renewed in 2006 - declared 2009 to be the Year of Cultural Tourism on the advice of tourist experts, based on Hungary's rich culture.

The main goal of the "theme year" was to pique the interest of Hungarian citizens in the cultural tourism available their country, to increase the number of visitor nights, to expand domestic tourism and thus increase tourism receipts. The campaign year can appeal to a wider cross-section of the population and seasonality also can be reduced. The campaign year primarily focuses on the domestic market, however cultural tourism is attractive for foreign tourists as well indeed this is one of the most important reasons for coming to Hungary. Therefore MT also places emphasis on advertising Hungary's cultural tourism possibilities abroad in 2009.

MT divides cultural tourism into five themes:

During the "Year of Cultural Tourism" marketing appeared with its own logo and slogan, which nevertheless harmonised with the image generally used. At the beginning of the "theme year" MT introduced the image which unifies the various themes:

The domestic slogan of the campaign: See wonder at home!

To increase the number of visitor's nights throughout the year MT offers deals in accommodation fees (3 for 2, or 4 for 3) in co-operation with the service industry throughout the country. Besides assuring accommodation deals the industry was motivated to create packages including cultural offers.

The "patrons" of the Year of Cultural Tourism

During the Year of Cultural Tourism famous people publicised the attractions and events connected with the five pillars of cultural tourism to the public:

Marketing tools used:

Especially promoted parts of the "theme year":

The Year of Cultural Tourism will be followed by the Year of Festivals "theme year," related strongly to the previous year, in 2010.

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