"Jammerbugt Ungdomsskole" is an organization providing leisure time opportunities for young people in the municipality of Jammerbugt. The organization aims to provide young people with a frame for developing and consolidating their skills and competences and to support them in their development as active citizens. The target group is young people from 13 years and over living in the municipality. The organization has over 2000 direct beneficiaries and 100 staff-members, most part-time employed.

The organization runs: Leisure time training, Youth clubs, Fulltime training and other leisure time activities.

Leisure time training

The organization offers young people a possibility to develop themselves and their own skills and knowledge through leisure time training. The organization provides classes in the following areas:

Youth clubs

Full time training

The organization runs a project-class for young people who are tired of the established school system. The project-class is a fulltime course that aims to give the young people increased self-confidence and a clarification of expectations for the future. The frame of the training is the participants' own micro-projects that are adjusted to their individual capacity and abilities.

Other leisure time activities

The organization has a democratic structure allowing participants as well as staff to take new initiatives. Every year this leads to a number of other uncategorized activities. One of the most popular frames for innovation is the "Youth in Action Programme". Every year the organization participates and organizes youth exchanges and networking activities. From 2008 the organization is sending and hosting young people through the European Volunteer Service.