NGO South-Järva County Partnership

NGO South-Järva County Partnership is an umbrella organisation connecting many different non-profit organisations. The area occupied by our associations is in the middle of Estonia. It is short drive to South Järvamaa from every corner of Estonia. The area is distinguished by its beautiful nature, developed agriculture and pleasant living environment.

The centre of the area is Türi town which receives the title of Estonia's spring capital every spring. Türi is a peaceful and hospitable town. South-Järva County is a traditional agricultural area; a number of big companies can be found here and also lots of small farms.

NGO South-Järva Partnership was established in 2006. The main goals of the organization are to develop South-Järva County area as a good tourism, economic and cultural area. We develop different projects and receive financial support from different sources for implementing and starting different activities in the region. The field of activities includes youth and education, social sphere, environment, tourism, rural movement, young people projects, training, etc.

Our umbrella organisation is represented in the international seminar by three small non-profit organisations. There follows a small review of them and their aims:

The first - Metsaküla village association. Metsaküla village is located in Türi parish in the south of Järva county and its population is about 50 people. The village association has 14 members - at least 1 person from each household.

The association was founded about 6 years ago. The purpose of the association is to improve the local living-environment and to co-ordinate the activities of the local people. For these reasons village people even put together a development plan and started to act on it.

The biggest achievement of the local community was building a village "grill-house". This was achieved with the support of the EU Sapard Program. The grill-house is of great importance in bringing village people together - village meetings, small celebrations and parties are held there. Right next to the grill-house village people have built a big village-swing, fire-place and a dancing area.

Metsaküla village association also mediates accessibility and supervises clean drinking-water and sewers for our people.

NGO Särevere Manor-people Company is a new one, founded about six months ago with the purpose of enlivening local activities. NGO organises different theme-workshops, seminars and courses to connect people. Also NGO and Järva Vocational Centre have an agreement to use Särevere Manor house, it is a very good partnership for both as it is a possibility to present the Manor house as an object of cultural heritage for the community. The Särevere Manor-people Company has a homepage -

Our non-profit organisations are also supported by the local government. Associations take part in development projects, roundtables of the parish etc.