European Institute for Relations and Co-operation

The European Institute for Relations and Co-operation was founded in 1977, operating as a Cultural Association, on a limited scale.

In 1997 it was reformed with a new Statute and established as a Non Governmental - Non Profit Making Organization. Its aim is to improve the inter-relations of the citizens of the European Union especially youth and the underprivileged (minorities e.g.) in order to create cultural ties, to promote the European idea, and to enable co-operation to find solutions to common issues affecting young people such as drugs, unemployment, environmental issues, and to create other activities such as research, studies and conferences in order to raise awareness of such issues.

It organized the "6th ANNUAL YOUTH CONFERENCE" in the summer of 1999, at the "OLYMPUS" INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CENTER.

The European Institute for Relations and Co-operation sends a number of young people every year to seminars organized by the European Union, the Council of Europe and other bodies, with the aim of keeping the E.I.R.C.s human resources youth work "know how" constantly up to date.

It is a Founder Member of the Regional Organization Against Drugs "DIEXODOS" (part of the national network "OKANA").

It participates in many different programs even outside Europe e.g. "THE SHIP OF THE WORLD YOUTH FRIENDSHIP" organized by the Japanese Government and EUROAID projects.

It co-operates and provides services, with the aim of developing European awareness of youth. The programs are realized by the E.I.R.C. in co-operation with local authorities (including Municipal Youth Councils), Educational Institutes and other bodies and associations such as cultural, athletic etc.

We are members European Governance Network and also we are registered with the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an NGO able and capable of providing Humanitarian Aid, when necessary.




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