Communitas Vesuviana is an association with the main aim of social promotion. It focuses on civil commitment, on democratic participation, on communication and on relations within the local community, on cultural progress and on civil, economic and social development.

The association's fundamental objectives are:

The association promotes discussions and/or debates on social, cultural, political and economic themes as well as those of national relevance, as well as concrete initiatives in our area which are easily identifiable within the entire civil community including those not committed/involved socially or politically

What we do

The aim of the Association Communitas Vesuviana is to encourage citizens to participate in democratic and civil life and to promote communication and dealings within the local community from the point of view of solidarity and development. Particular consideration is given to providing a place to participate and on involving youths as well as on integrated politics of local development and its social and environmental sustainability.

The intention of the members of Communitas Vesuviana is to spread the social and environmental theory of sustainability through an understanding of a significant change of perspective: from unlimited consumption of resources to respecting the social and physical environment for a better quality of life.

In practice, Communitas Vesuviana promotes information, circulation, creating awareness and a line-up of its proper aims on a local level, through national and international encounters, seminars, conferences, round tables and other public moments.

Communitas Vesuviana is located in Portici, Napoli province, south of Italy. It began its own activities in the beginning of 2008 and was officially associated on 29th may 2008, in front of a notary, and then got its own tax code on 09th of June 2008.