Cultural and Touristic Association of Ipoly-valley
(Slovak Republic)

The Cultural and Touristic Association of the Ipoly-valley was established in January of 2001, to rescue and support our ethnographic and folk art values, and to raise the necessary funds for this aim.

The civil association was registered on January 30, 2001 in the Slovakian Ministry of the Interior. The association was formed by those members of the organizations in our village (CSEMADOK), who think the development of the village, respect for traditions, frontier cooperation, the establishment of rural tourism, and last but not least, making new employment opportunities in the region - where the unemployment rate is 34% - are important things. Our further purpose is to establish cultural tourism in the Lower Ipoly-valley in co-operation with national and Hungarian organizations.

We would like our village to become the cultural centre of the Lower Ipoly-valley by the leading of our association.

Our achievements so far are:

Our plans for the future include setting up more accommodation, promoting the region, creating employment opportunities and making connections beyond the frontier.